I almost never use newgrounds

2015-06-22 06:44:07 by TomOelen

A little update for those who want to know what the hell is going on.

I also don't use DeviantArt anymore. I still post some of my art on Instagram @ToenTom.

So follow me if you're interested in some of my juicy art. (It's not juicy though)




2014-08-08 12:21:08 by TomOelen

I post most of my art here on DeviantArt http://thetomzka.deviantart.com/




2014-05-31 12:12:06 by TomOelen

Hey, guys. I have a Youtube channel you know!

Post more things!

2012-11-30 17:27:39 by TomOelen

I think I should post lots and lots of crap on my profile...